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About Us

My passion for bartending started over 7 years ago when I began working at an upscale exclusive private club in Miami Beach. The experience that I gained there in the preparation and serving of drinks has led me to my true passion. MIXOLOGY

Mixology, is a true art-form of not only preparing and serving drinks, but it is the art of being personable with my guests, and having a deep knowledge of different types of alcohol, mixers, and culinary techniques to be able to whip up a customized cocktail to suit the individual’s preferences.

So my passion for mixology, and my entrepreneurial drive has led me to this point of combining the 2 and creating a business.

I bring great energy and passion to every event, and I truly want to make you look like an amazing host, and I want your guests to feel comfortable while enjoying your special event safely and responsibly.

I look forward to helping you create a memorable experience for you and your guests.